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Mineralogy is a fundamental, core science in that it's descriptive concepts and analytical methodologies have widespread applications in material science, chemistry, physics and even biology and environemntal sciences. The scientific, educational and collector communities cannot overcome and reverse the alarming trends seen by simply sitting back and bemoaning the fate of descriptive mineralogy and all it entails. A significant, focused effort aimed at three fronts is needed:


Research: increased scientific studies in the U.S. in the field of descriptive mineralogy
Preservation: expanded repository efforts for historically and scientifically important specimens
Education: improved public awareness, education and participation in the mineral sciences

The Hudson Institute of Mineralogy (“The Institute”), a not-for-profit foundationd approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization has been formed with these three major objectives in mind. The long-term goal of The Institute is to bring these three functions under a single roof that houses an active research facility, a scientifically oriented but publicly accessible collection, and an educational outreach facility with a mineral-oriented curriculum. The Institute will also act as a funnel that places scientifically important specimens in major U.S. institutions that have demonstrated an active, long-term interest and capability in preserving such material. The Institute will also support other projects that contribute to its overall research, preservation and educational objectives. Donations of mineral specimens to schools, coupled with teacher education programs, are significant outreach goals of The Institute.

Our primary outreach program is the website Mindat.org, used by many thousands of collectors, researchers and curators as a valuable educational tool.



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